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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Indianapolis' "Legacy House" offers Free Counseling to Victims of Violent Crimes

Every time we turn on the news, we watch tragedy falling upon families across our cities.  Vicitms of Burglary and/or Sexual Assault;  Loved ones being murdered leaving surviving family members in shock and terror; families torn apart by Domestic Violence; Victims of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation; and/or families losing their children, not even out of their adolescence, to suicide.

But even in the midst of tragedy, there is hope.  Organizations like the not-for-profit organization "The Legacy House" located in Indianapolis, Indiana, offer free counseling to victims of violent crime from children ages 5 and up to Teens (Adolescents), to young adult, to parents and and grandparents.  Trauma from violence can literally paralyze victims and their families.   This type of trauma is much different than any other loss of a loved one through say the natural progression of a terminal illness to old age.  As such special programs and services  are needed to address the very specific needs people have when victims of violent crimes.
Both the Chaplain's Office and Victim Assistance Unit of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department often refer victims of violent crimes (burglary, sexual assault, suicide, homicide, sexual exploitation, vicitms of human trafficking,  etc.) to The Legacy House for short and long term trauma intervention.  A victim of trauma caused by violence may have many needs that they are unable to address without help. Legacy House provides that support, and our staff offers a healing presence to help clients move from victim to survivor to thriver.
The Legacy House counseling services are focused on addressing the resulting long-term trauma of violence and include crisis intervention, individual and family counseling, and support groups. The Legacy House also provides victim advocacy services such as courtroom support, assistance with preparing petitions for emergency protective orders and victim compensation applications, shelter and social service referrals, and other support unique to the individual needs of their clients.
If you live in Indianapolis (Marion County), are a victim of a violent crime (burglary, domestic violence, sexual assault, a mother or father trying to deal with the loss of a child by suicide, to a mother or father losing their child by murder), then please contact The Legacy House for free assistance.  Sharon (photo above with me), the receptionist and intake specialist, will be more than likely be the person to greet you, welcome you, and help you and help you become registered for assessment so proper programs/services can be identified and started for you, your child, your spouse, your parents or grandparents, on your road to recovery from the shock you or a loved one experienced as a result of a violent crime.
If you are a victim of a violent crime, visit their website at, their Facebook page at, or contact The Legacy House at (317) 554-5272 and schedule an interview assessment today. Sharon will be happy to assist you. Remember, their services and programs are free!
Take a Virtual Tour of The Legacy House at and hear "Testimonials" of clients of The Legacy House at
Thank goodness for people like Sharon and the entire staff of The Legacy House for all they do in helping individuals in need, when they are most vulnerable,
...not just survive, but thrive!".

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